private lessons

Whether you are new to yoga, looking to deepen your practice or just wanting for a more personalised solution, a private or one to one session could be perfect for you.

We are all at different stages in our journey, we all have varying capabilities based on experience and anatomy. Just like getting a personal trainer to reach fitness goals, you can learn more about the practice of yoga, asana, pranayama and meditation & philosophy.

Traditionally, yoga is taught one 2 one, teacher to student, this is an opportunity to practice and learn facets of yoga tailored to your physical and mental needs.

We get the most out of our practice when we do so alone, with the ability to reflect within ourselves. One 2 one allows you to grow your knowledge base to bring you to a point where you can go home and practice on your own.


Private sessions for businesses, sports teams or groups of friends are also available ~ this could be a great way to give back to staff or grow the bond amoungst team members or just a great way to connect with friends in a healthy environment.


60min one 2 one: $65
60min one 2 two or more: $85

~Travel costs may also apply please contact us to discuss requirements~


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