Ai Flows Ltd aims to create a safe and fun environment for all students to participate and enjoy yoga. The main priority is the wellbeing of all students and is the teachers’ priority to guide students safely in their practice. To ensure that all students are in good health when completing a class, it is also up to you as a student to be mindful throughout each session. By purchasing / participating in a class you are hereby accepting the following terms.

Please read through carefully and understand your role in your overall wellbeing.

  • You as the student are ultimately responsible for practising to your own personal capabilities. Should you choose to push yourself too far resulting in injury this is not a reflection on your teacher and will your personal liability. If you need assistance at any time during your practice the teacher will do all she/he can to ensure you are practising correctly and safely as possible.
  • Yoga postures may be adjusted by your yoga teacher through one-on-one adjustments should they see it applicable. If you do not wish to be adjusted and would like no physical contact made by the teacher please make it known prior to your class commencing. Your personal comfort is of the utmost importance.
  • Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Your teacher is not a medical professional and while they may give personal recommendations or guidance on a healthy holistic life you should always endeavour to follow up with a licensed medical practitioner. Furthermore, yoga may not be recommended or may be unsafe during certain medical conditions. While we are happy to discuss this with you, ultimately it is the student who is responsible for deciding whether or not to practise yoga. Whenever there is a change in your physical health, please advise your teacher. Yoga includes both physical movement as well as opportunities for relaxation, stress reeducation and relief of muscular tension. As with all physical activity, the risk of injury cannot be entirely eliminated. The student must therefore be responsible for listening to their body, adjusting the posture, or asking for support.
  • ¬†Ai Flows Ltd cannot be responsible for the safekeeping of students belongings while attending class. Please ensure you keep your belongings in a safe place.

Please understand that by participating in any classes or workshops organised by Ai Flows Ltd, you are accepting the above terms and conditions for liability and responsibility.