Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy where we use the power of positive suggestions while a person is in a trance state, to modify their subconscious thoughts. There are 2 types of hypnotherapy - suggestive and analytical; it is a completely safe form of therapy.  A willing participant will enter into a trance state and will be guided into a new set of beliefs or thoughts which are spoken into the sub-conscious mind, previously agreed upon with a hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is not magic and takes the willingness of a participant for it to have the desired effects. 

NB: after your session, you will be sent a personalised recording of our session to listen to at home - the recommendation is to listen to this recording twice a day for a 4-week block.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, we can work together to alter your mind's thoughts and beliefs through suggestive hypnotherapy. Here are some things we could work on together.

~ Confidence
~ Weight Management
~ Stress & Anxiety
~ Motivation
~ Self-Love
~ Sleep
~ Sports Performance
~ Relaxation
~ Quitting Smoking

If you don't see what you are looking for in the list above it's okay, contact me to discuss your options, I am always able to refer you on should you need a more specialised practitioner.

Prior to making a booking, we will need to have a FREE 15-minute phone consultation to ensure we will be a good fit.

If you are looking for just a relaxation guided mediation session with some light positive suggestion this will not require consultation as this is suitable for all people. Contact to book your session today. 

Hypnotherapy FAQ

Each person is different, so requirements will vary. The recommendation is two appointments. If you are diligent with working on yourself after your session, you may find you only require the one session. This will be discussed at your first appointment.
While sometimes people can drift off into sleep, theoretically NO, you should be in a state of awareness between being asleep and awake. Much like a daydream.
In a Trance state, you will be aware of what is going on for the duration of the session. Sometimes what can happen when you are in a deep relaxation is you may not recall everything after as if you were wide awake, but you will be provided with a recording of your session to help jog your memory.
An altered state of awareness, between waking & sleeping. A person in an induced trance is said to be “hypnotized”.
When you are in a state of trance or hypnosis you should just feel very relaxed. For those who may enter into a deeper state of trance, may feel almost like you are in a dream.
A Hypnotherapist will not and cannot make a client do things against their morals, ethics or physical or mental capabilities. Everything that happens in a session is predetermined in the interview stage at the start of the session.
After your initial 15minute phone consultation your first appointment will start with an interview process, to ensure all the information is on the table. This process helps to form the basis of the therapy session. The hypnotherapist will talk you through what Hypnosis is and how it works, as mentioned in the descriptor above. At this point, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. The hypnosis itself will be approximately 30minutes. Once the session is over you will awake typically feeling refreshed and relaxed, sometimes a bit sleepy, so you will have some minutes to make sure you are feeling awake enough to go about your day. You may also choose to book a follow-up session at this time too.