In the modern age we face many emotional road blocks. The pressure to be, as society expects us is daunting, and for most of us is just an unattainable joke.

The reality is this world we live in has only created an environment of anxiety, mental, spiritual and physical distress.

It is in this realisation that many look for solutions, whether it’s medications, drinking, or whatever it might be… And then there are those who find YOGA.

Yoga is a life journey to self discovery and self love.
Through movement and stillness we can learn to connect with body and mind. Working to alleviate those stresses brought on by our everyday lives.

AI FLOWS was created with the intention to facilitate a safe environment; bullshit free classes to practice and learn through yoga.

We all have our own personal reasons and need to become more in tune with ourselves. And there has never been a better time to get honest and crack on with loving ourselves, for kick ass humans we are!

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~ meditation

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